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You may be asking who creates blogs for you, writes posts, edits photos ... finally we would like to introduce ourselves to you, we are two tourism enthusiasts - Simona and  David.


We are united by an active lifestyle and a common love for  nature, we like to spend our free days wandering around our country or at least in  garden!

WITH  We've been playing with the idea of starting a blog a long time ago, but we've still put it off  they were waiting for the right time, yet writing would take some time and  since we both work it is not always easy.  


The right time to create Vyvetraj came during the crown of home-office, when the borders were closed and  we were all forced to stay at home.


Most people do  decided to spend time in  nature, Instagram literally burned not only by fermentation, but also by the number of photos caught during tourism.


A few afternoons spent on logo designing, site design (p  which bothered David in particular, since I am not a very technical type) sorting and  editing photos, writing places, evaluating places and  Of course by writing blogs ... until Ventilate was ready for you.

We write blogs for both of you, because each of  us has a different view of site evaluation, difficulty (at least u  I rate us very strict places that are challenging! ), overall impression and  a recommendation that could help you choose a place for hiking or walking .  

Simi handles all posts on FB and  Instagram and edits photos (which she took from home). We take responsibility for the quiz every week and #vvetrajsa from followers is my business,  so if you don't like which photo I chose, complain to me :)





Gro is a help for people who may be starting hiking or nature walks and will find all the necessary information in one article.

  • maps where to park

  • tourist maps of the routes we describe

  • our recommendations

  • infographics that gives quick information

    • about how difficult the route is

    • whether it is dangerous

    • suitable for children

    • how many people you can meet on it

    • the time you need for the whole trip.

So you can open our map, look at your watch, put a parking space in the navigation, add time from the infographics to the travel time and find out whether you are chasing it until dark or not. You can also sort tips for trips according to different categories and choose according to what you expect from the trip or what interests you.



Our articles can help those who  looking for something in  a specific region, where they can go for a short weekend or even a longer vacation. As I look at the map, we have such a varied selection of tips for trips, especially in the vicinity of Telgárt, Novohrad and  surroundings Ostrôžok.


We mainly present the region of Central Slovakia. The main reason is that we come from here on our own and there are very few places we haven't been that we haven't discovered yet. Despite the fact that we know it very well, it is one of the less researched regions and at the same time one of the most backward. However, if we can offer people tips in this region for several trips, we may attract them (you) and spend some time there.



We still have a few bells, Fr.  which will compete, but we assume that it will be in the spring


In the last year we have 40 new places where we have been in  2020 a  thus articles from  niche.

ABOUT  what this map will say best, if all points on it are purple, we can say that we have traveled all over Slovakia and  they saw almost everything. We look forward to the end of the coronation period and  for a moment when we will be able to travel more freely in  within Slovakia, stay in  parts that are far from us and  they can be a starting point for several tourist destinations.

where to go what to see.png

IN  This winter, as we promised, we will give you tips on cross-country skiing trips, which we both love and  it's a great sport that we would like to introduce to others. Many parts of Slovakia have a huge potential for cross-country skiing - I will mention, for example, Muránska Planina.


The more we cross - country, the sooner the infrastructure will be built, modified and  mark the tracks and  we will be able to discover beautiful places in  winter. Until the end  easier than walking because cross - country skiing is faster and  thanks to that you will go more during short winter days + you don't have to fight in  snow.

Of course, there are also things we don't want to reveal yet  we keep it to ourselves in case it doesn't work out 😊.


Our goal is to help


The more people will follow our blog and  our profiles on social networks and  the better known the brand vyvetrajsa or #vyvetrajsa #zabezkujsi, the more people we will be able to help. K  therefore, more people may get information about  beautiful, possibly unknown places in Slovakia and  that is not all.

We look forward to your support, including the fact that you have now read here and  if you take a moment we will be happy to welcome your feedback on our blog, our hobby. 😊



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